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Please note that this is for retirees, it is NOT an aged care facility for people needing care


8th Febraury 2019


Planning and Environment Court gives the go ahead for the development

Judgment Document (large download 72.6mb 240 pages):

24th January 2018 Council has approved the development (Email from CR Krista Adams to Residents)
29th November 2017 New plans submitted (See Brisbane City Council's PD Online)
  Note that PD Online is VERY VERY SLOW it takes a long time to load



The Planning and Environment Court has given the go ahead for the Tarragindi Bowls Club to be redeveloped. Basically as submitted by the developer.Liza and I and I’m sure the community as well would like thank those brave families that put their financial and emotional resources on the line to take this fight to court.

The only way to stop more inappropriate development is to vote for a council that does not disregard the Town Plan and the very people they represent.

Councillor Krista Adams and Lord Mayor Graham Quirk wanted this to go ahead. Shame on them. As a community our next and only option is to make sure that we vote for a Councillor and Lord Mayor that will uphold the community expectations in regard to development.

Like Liza told me “I thought I just had to pay my rates, but I’ve actually got to pay attention”

Say NO again (at the ballot box). Make sure to vote for someone that will support the community expectations in regards to development.

We must not only pay our rates but we need to pay attention as well.

Say NO Again
(at the ballot box)





Application Progress

Click here to see the application progress chart


Some Back Ground

  • The Tarragindi Bowls Club site was purchased by the Yeronga Services Club several years ago.
  • This land is freehold BUT is zoned Community Sport and Recreation.
  • The Yeronga Services Club has gone into partnership with Retire Australia to develop the site.
  • Retire Australia submitted plans to build a huge 6 storey L shaped apartment building containing 95 units for retirees
  • NOTE: This is a retirement village NOT residential aged care for the elderly.
  • Council asked that Retire Australia to adjust their plans 10th February 2017
  • Retire Australia responded with new plans 29th November 2017

Why Should You
Object to This Proposal?

  1. A project of this scope and height is out of all proportion to the surrounding landscape.
  2. The Council’s own Neighbourhood Plan designates Tarragindi as a low density, residential area with character housing.
  3. People have invested heavily in this area for just that reason – family living, low density residential, peace, quiet and bushland.
  4. Please consider – if Council approves a 5 storey apartment building on this freehold site what is to deter the approval of multi storey buildings on any freehold site in Tarragindi! It is already common practice in adjoining suburbs for developers to buy several blocks, demolish and build unit complexes.
  5. We are opposing this to protect the character and integrity of this suburb.




Brisbane City Council, PD Online (where you can view the application, plans and any other submissions)
Note that PD Online is VERY VERY VERY SLOW it takes a long time to load
  Contact Information for Council
  Facebook Page: STOP Apartments @ Tarragindi Bowls Club